29th April

Apr. 29th, 2009 07:29 am
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Day One hundred and nineteen

This'd be the photo I meant to post on Monday.

28th April

Apr. 28th, 2009 09:01 pm
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Day One hundred and eighteen

27th April

Apr. 27th, 2009 07:43 pm
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Day One hundred and seventeen

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Had a random holiday day today. For no other reason than work has been getting to me a bit recently. Went to Mikie's birthday bash last night. The brilliant Postcode (see here for a review of their accidental first gig) played. As did the lovely Stoliday. Both were great. Although during Postcode's set I was worrying about [livejournal.com profile] niceandlovely who is suffering badly from cold/flu. She was singing with Stoliday too, but my worry had transferred to Martin, who looked in large amounts of pain and had turned a worrying shade of grey because his shoulder was hurting so much. As usual I took photos. At some point I will finish sorting the large amount of pictures living in my computer and post some. Today I watched most of Withnail and I with my mum, saw a lovely zebra print top in En Finn, went to lunch with my friend Donna, wandered home along the beach (all lovely all I could hear was the sea and weirdo, which I was listening to repeatedly, went and wandered round the beach by Port Jack chippy while listening to werido some more, eat lots of buttons, listened to Zebracore and bummed around a bit. Hopefully this will mean that on monday I'm less stressed and not relying on emailing people to keep me sane.
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So tired. But Stoliday are on the radio, so I'm up. Who let Trev on the radio? It scares me. And is our Martin the one with lights gaffer taped to his skull? And why?

These and more questions must be answered.

I hope you had a camera!

Please stop talking about Stoliday/Flood orgies.

Are they finished now? I'm confused

Oooo Joni Mitchell! Yay! I love this song.

*Wants to hear the Christmas song.*

Can I go to bed now?
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For years no-one has said anything to me about being Kelly from the Isle of Man. Until yesterday when two clients both commented on it.

Went to The Office last night. Twas a good night. Stoliday were lovely. Very glad I made the effort to come out to see them. I could have got better pictures if I'd bothered moving from my seat. The chairs were so comfy though! Beek were their usual funny and slightly disturbing selves. I had a moment of panic when Chris was deciding which song to play and announced 'this is for Kelly', luckily it was Prozac Kitten. Noshie, Merlot andFlood were all highly enjoyable too.

I paid for my late night this morning thoguh, I was absolutely knackered. And then I remember why I hardly ever take pro plus, it makes me feel a little bit loopy! Got loads of work done today, so maybe its a good thing.


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