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I'm watching the second episode of Simon Sharma's The American Future: A History (yes, I know how to party on a saturday night, take comfort in the fact that I was out 'til five this morning). Its really interesting. I always enjoyed American History when I studied it, I think one of the reasons was because a lot of it was social history.

I loved studying history, but was a bit dreadful at it. During A level I was in the 'higher' of the two classes (I don't think this was ever stated explicitly, but we all knew it was the case. Ours was the class with the people in it who were headed for Oxbridge). I was always not at all confident in my abilities (somewhat rightly, I never could write history essays). We had some terrible academic snob type people in our class. They laughed when I spoke (I can clearly remember once having a double lesson first half with Mr Vaukins and second with Mr Iriving, who was also my form tutor. Mr Irving came in for his half and asked how the first bit had been, I replied that it was good because I'd spoken and the lads hadn't laughed at me. He was shocked, bless him). They generally disliked American History for the reason I liked it, it was very much a history of a people. Another even that stands out is looking at some source work about lynchings, and the numbers quoted were much lower than expected. I pointed out that surely one was far too many (possibly this was actually the thing I said that didn't get laughed at. And there I think was why I was never good at studying history, at least at school level, I couldn't be detached. Bleeding heart liberal that I am :)

I wish I knew more about history, but I wish I knew more about lots of things.

In other news: I'm now a bit addicted to pinball. I'm awful at it, so should always play with Phil because we're both crap but also both stupidly uncompetitive. We spent an awful lot of time last night laughing at ourselves.

This is really cool. A US election polltracker.


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