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Many, many thinks. I overempathise. At the moment, most especially, anything on The Midnight Organ Fight by Frightened Rabbit. Spine tingling stuff. Amazing lyrics coupled with gorgeous music. As I can't explain how good it is I'll leave it to the Frabbits:

My Backwards Walk:

I'm working on my backwards walk
walking with no shoes or socks
and the time rewinds to the end of may
i wish we'd never met then met today

i'm working on my faults and cracks
filling in the blanks and gaps
and when i write them out they don't make sense
i need you to pencil in the rest

i'm working on drawing a straight line
and i'll draw until i get one right
it's bold and dark girl, can't you see
i done drawn a line between you and me

i'm working on erasing you
just don't have the proper tools
i get hammered, forget that you exist
there's no way i'm forgetting this

i'm working hard on walking out
shoes keep sticking to the ground
my clothes won't let me close the door
these trousers seem to love your floor

i been working on my backwards walk
there's nowhere else for me to go
except back to you just one last time
say yes before i change my mind

say yes before i...
you're the shit and i'm knee-deep in it

(Ignore the annoying giggly girl at the start and let Scott rip your heart out.)
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Frightened Rabbit.

And, of course, we all know how far I'll travel for music :)
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Especially if that involves a lot of money to travel to see him.

I went to Manchester on thursday to see Okkervil River. I *heart* them.

The gig was brilliant. I was at the Academy Three, which is teeny tiny. I was right at the front, which meant leaning on the stage :)

The support act Stars and Sons were good, and very sweet ('this is our new single out on...not in shops or anything'). Being right at the front meant that it'd be rude not to have taken lots of photos, and afterwards the bass player asked if I can send them to the band :)

My chosen standing spot wasn't quite so great for Okkervil though. The keyboard was right in front of me, which meant I couldn't really see my happy drummer all night :( On the plus side though while putting his beer on the side of the stage he noticed me and smiled.

As usual with Okkervil the music was lovely, and the only downside was that it all ended too quickly.

Afterwards I ended up chatting to Patrick, the bass player (still no Travis, woe :( ). And finding out that he is trying to get them to play over here. He has a Manx cat hehe.

I can go see 'em again now?

(I need an Okkervil icon)
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Oh I *heart* Mark Radcliffe - ripping the piss out of Scouting for Girls covering London's Calling. And he hasn't heard it, but you don't have to to realise how hugely terrible it was. Stupid, stupid idea.
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In July (21st to be precise) I djed at the Traf. I've been meaning to post my set list since then, I'm just a bit useless. Well finally here it is )

(subject heading courtesy of Riggs)
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Last weekend I went to Liverpool with Postcode to see them play the cavern. The weekend went something like this: )
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Yesterday I bought myself a dslr. This one to be precise. Its shiny and lovely. I(I bought it in the shop rather than online because I wanted to be sure to have it for Earlfest on friday).

So last night Dan gave me a lift to Yamsey (Ramsey is prostetuting itself and has sold its sole, and indeed name to Yamaha for TT) to see The Chris Flood Band to try it out. I'd forgotten how scary it is to go to a gig where the only people you know are in the band. I felt very out of place. TCFB where very good though. Shame to have missed Goldblade at the Traf though.

Friday was Vive Le Rock. Got into work early and worked through lunch in order to get to see Postcode. Who were ace. Sounded great and looked very at home on the big stage. Stonechase were lots of fun. I particularly liked Goldbalde, and UK Subs we great too.

Today is Mad Sunday, and its raining. Great.
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weirdo played last night *g* This makes me so very, very happy.

(I think the amount of jumping around I was doing may be why Martin asked if I'd been drinking)

To add
They played two and a half songs. I took 47 photos. Oops.
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Yesterday I spent around three and a half hours sorting through thousands of address albels removing any with 'wonky' addresses that couldn't be sent. Then going through a load of pieces of paper doing the same thing. Then sorting out a load of cheques looking for any that weren't to be sent out. Today I get to sort out all the 'specials' that weren't to be sent out.

But its all ok, 'cause weirdo are going to be back! yay! joy!
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Had a random holiday day today. For no other reason than work has been getting to me a bit recently. Went to Mikie's birthday bash last night. The brilliant Postcode (see here for a review of their accidental first gig) played. As did the lovely Stoliday. Both were great. Although during Postcode's set I was worrying about [ profile] niceandlovely who is suffering badly from cold/flu. She was singing with Stoliday too, but my worry had transferred to Martin, who looked in large amounts of pain and had turned a worrying shade of grey because his shoulder was hurting so much. As usual I took photos. At some point I will finish sorting the large amount of pictures living in my computer and post some. Today I watched most of Withnail and I with my mum, saw a lovely zebra print top in En Finn, went to lunch with my friend Donna, wandered home along the beach (all lovely all I could hear was the sea and weirdo, which I was listening to repeatedly, went and wandered round the beach by Port Jack chippy while listening to werido some more, eat lots of buttons, listened to Zebracore and bummed around a bit. Hopefully this will mean that on monday I'm less stressed and not relying on emailing people to keep me sane.
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I'm going to see James Taylor!
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Sone nights out end up being good in unexpected ways.

On saturday I went to the Traf with Mr Gifted to meet Dan.

At about 9.30 Dan decided it would be a great idea to have an acoustic night so he and Andy weent to pick up a guitar.

Mini acoustic night was great. Some of the audience (me included, obviously) was sitting on the stage. Dan sang some Okkervil. We got Dan to sing Breathe (after he asked me what had happened last time he sang Breathe, sometimes its great being sober wihle everyone else is drunk and therefore able to remember things). Andy played a little bit of Super Massive Black Hole, to which Dan sang about Badgers :) Andy and Dan dueted on Better Smile and Diane. It was great.

And I had my camera.

Edited to add:
Andy and Dan sang Green! Dan was doing Sayle impressions! Remembering this made my afternoon


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