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Probably of no interest to anyone but me, but I wanted to record it.

There was an all day fundraising gig for manxbands, the local scene's website. The morning was a dry bar so all the under 18s should go see some bands. The evening section was three bands, with weirdo headling.

Gratiz 3 kicked off proceedings, sounding better than I've heard them before. The hours and hours that people had spent setting up the amps, monitors etc had really paid off. Next up were Escape Artists, who were lots of fun.

But I was only really there for weirdo. At the start of their set Marie asked 'Where's Kelly? Cause this, well this whole set is for her.' I'm still giddy.

They opended with Canada by Low. Always a fun inclusion in the set, and a good opener. Really gets everyone in a bit of a party mood and singing along. Followed that with Luca, with Marie's lovely vocals. Then time to play around and change instruments (this is something you can do in a band with six plus members all of who play more than one instrument) and play Orange Crush by REM. Nice and loud and there was some loudspeaker action. Next up was the third and last cover of the evening. Green by another (now sadly departed) local band CircusworlD. This was a big secret, but I'd worked it out. Green is a fab song and always lovely to hear. Cromex left, with Mikie providing extra (loud, shouty) vocals as always. They let Andy (bass) open this one up, and the volume was imense.

Tulips next, which those of us who've seen weirdo lots now was the first weirdo song written. weirdo vocals are mainly shared between Marie and Dan, and there's often a lovely duel vocal things going on, which can sound very haunting. Almost Home is up next followed by Better Smile. I end up singing these songs to myself so often, and its always so lovely to hear them live. Often I don't belive people when they tell me things are goign to be ok, but for some reason I trust this song. Onto Chinese Whispers, giving Marie a chance to have a rest and Phil a chance to share vocals. Slow Coma is follwed by the ever lovely werido love you. And then, oh happy day, we get These Days. My current favourite werido song, it gives me goosebumps. They don't play it very often and thankfully tonight doesn't end in blood. Slowly it all ends and the band leave the stage when they decide to finish playing.

Good gig, yay. And I only remember all the songs 'cause I have a set list. As usual I took loads of photos, which I now have to sort out.


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